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Hardware Support

The Hardware Support page lets you modify graphics card settings.

  • You must restart the application for changes to hardware settings to take effect.
  • Not all graphics cards support all hardware-related settings.
  • For additional hardware settings, see Advanced Settings.

Enable 3D OpenGL hardware accelerationEnables graphics card acceleration. Clear this option if you experience serious graphics rendering problems.
  • Disabling this option might significantly degrade graphics performance.
  • If you experience graphical display issues, press R while in the viewport to reset the OpenGL engine.
AdvancedUses OpenGL frame buffer object (FBO) and other extensions to provide off-screen rendering. Enabling this setting:
  • Is required for some capabilities such as cutting plane per-actor color capping, style preview-image generation, and high-quality rendering effects such as ambient occlusion.
  • Improves Technical Illustration workshop results when using color regions and shadows.
  • Improves Simplification - Occlusion results.
  • Might avoid screen refresh problems associated with other rendering techniques, such as p-buffers and auxiliary buffers.
  • Might reduce bitmap output problems, such as gray or black images.
Note: This option is the same as HardwareSupport.Advanced on the Advanced Settings page.
StandardDisables FBO and other advanced extensions. You can selectively enable or disable rendering techniques, such as use of p-buffers and auxiliary buffers.
Enable p-bufferEnables off-screen rendering with OpenGL using pixel buffers. Select this option to resolve problems with screen captures, printing, saved images, and other graphics operations. Rendering might also be hardware accelerated.
Static p-buffer(Available when Enable p-buffer is selected.) Uses static pixel buffers.
Enable direct swapping to refreshEnables direct swapping to refresh. Clear this option if you have screen display problems such as highlighting problems.
Enable aux. buffersEnables auxiliary buffers. Clear this option if the previous options do not solve your graphics problems.
Enable OpenGL display listsEnables OpenGL display lists. A display list is a series of graphics commands that define an output image. Clear this option if you have problems such as invisible text.
Enable text reset(Available when Enable OpenGL display lists is selected.) Resets text display. Select this option if you have problems displaying text.

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