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The Animation page lets you configure animation speed and the maximum frames between two images.

Command NameDescription
Animation speedSpecifies the rate at which animation images are displayed in frames per second (FPS). The animation frame rate is a property of the document. For example, if an animation defines 2 keys at 0 and 90. and the animation is played at 30 FPS, the duration of the animation is 3 sec.
Note: The animation speed for the National Television System Committee standard (NTSC) is 30 FPS. The animation speed for Phase Alternating Line (PAL) is 25 FPS.
Inter frames min.Specifies the minimum number of frames between two images. Depending on the graphics card and computer performance, animations might jump due to animation speed. Defining a minimum frame number between two images can eliminate jumping. Note that animation speed might not be respected.
Animated transitionSpecifies the transition speed between two views when you drag views into the viewport.
Max. objectsSpecifies the maximum number of nodes allowed for animated transitions between views. A node is any atomic unit of a document (property, actor, assembly group, etc.) Larger values can result in choppy transitions. For large models or for computers with limited RAM, reduce this value to improve performance.

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