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The Output page lets you configure the Composer compression level and export options.

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These options let you configure the SMG output.

Command Name Description
Geometry compression Sets the amount of compression in Composer files, which affects model tessellation quality.
  • Low (high quality) - 32 bytes/point, high measurement quality, large file
  • Medium - 16 bytes/point
  • High (low quality) - 8 bytes/point, low measurement quality, small file
The compression algorithm uses a bounding box defined by its coordinates: xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, zmin, zmax. This bounding box is subdivided into a number of cubes according to the quality of compression selected:
  • Low (high quality): 2^32 * 2^32 * 2^32
  • Medium: 2^16 * 2^16 * 2^16
  • High (low quality): 2^8 * 2^8 * 2^8
All tops (xi, yi, zi) of the triangulation are laid out on the tops of the cubes contained in the bounding box.

When saving a file with medium or high compression, you should consider the following:

  • You cannot return to original quality. You must re-import your CAD files if you want to do so.
  • Medium or high compression affects geometry precision. In the case of large parts where most of the precision is taken by the position of the object, little precision is left for elements such as small faces, lines or vertices.
  • Medium or high compression might cause display issues (such as small holes visible in the mesh of a part, overlapping faces, z-fight, appearance of undesired lines in technical illustration, etc.) in vector output generated by the Technical Illustration workshop.

To make it short, if geometry precision matters to you, it is recommended to use the Low (high quality) option.

Write normals Saves normal directions for all faces in Composer files. Composer needs this information to display the outward or outside faces of parts and assemblies. When selected, file size is larger but file load time is shorter because Composer does not have to calculate this information. A normal to a flat surface is a three-dimensional vector that is perpendicular to the surface. A normal to a non-flat surface at a point "p" on the surface is a vector that is perpendicular to the tangent plane to that surface at "p".
Write outlines Saves outlines along with the 3D model. Thus, whenever the model is opened, or whenever you change to a render mode that uses outlines, outlines are loaded immediately (as it is no longer required to compute them each time they must be loaded). Note that selecting this option increases the file size of the SMG output.
Note: Render modes that use outlines are, for example, Smooth with Outline, Shaded Illustration, Technical, Silhouette, etc. Outline styles can be Sharp Edges, Construction Edges, or Smart Outlines.

Package output

These options let you configure the package output.

Command Name Description
Language Specifies the language for the Composer Player user interface and online help that is bundled in the package and for the e-mail text. Select Same as application or select from the installed languages.

Product export

These options let you configure the product export.

Command Name Description
Save only visible actors Exports only visible actors when you export a product (right-click on the assembly tree).
Save collaboration actors (only when exporting from root) Exports collaboration actors when you export a product.

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