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Viewport Background

The Viewport Background page lets you manage background settings.

Command NameDescription
ColorSpecifies the background color.
Note: This setting cannot be configured from Sync.
Tip: You can create raster images with transparent backgrounds by selecting Alpha channel in the High Resolution Image workshop.

Creates a color gradient between Color and Foot color.

  • Foot color - Specifies the color at the bottom of the viewport.
  • Dynamic gradient - Adjusts the color when rotating. To have static background gradient, clear this option.

Color=blue No GradientColor=blue Foot color=white
Note: This setting cannot be configured from Sync.
Note: Gradient backgrounds can cause odd behaviors in video editing packages.


Specifies a background image.

  • Path - Specifies the path to the image.
  • Fill mode - Specifies how the background image appears in the viewport:
    • No deformation - The image maintains its aspect ratio, typically leaving part of the viewport background uncovered.
    • Stretch - The image aspect ratio changes as necessary to fill the entire viewport.
    • Environment - The image is projected on a sphere around the scene.

    No deformationStretchEnvironment
Note: This setting cannot be configured from Sync.

Display logoDisplays a logo in the bottom-right corner of the viewport. Specify the path to the image file.

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