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Editing Actor Properties

You can view and edit properties of selected actors, such as color, opacity, and font in the Properties pane.

Note: Each actor has neutral (default) properties that are initially defined by its original import file (CAD properties). You can modify properties and save changes as the new neutral values.

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About Actor Properties
  1. Select an actor.
    The actor's properties are displayed in the Properties pane.
  2. Edit the properties as appropriate.
  3. Optional: Click the icons in the Properties toolbar to perform the operations described in the table below.
    Sort by Category

    Sorts properties by category.

    Sort Alphabetically

    Sorts properties alphabetically.

    Set as Neutral Properties

    Sets the values of selected properties as the new neutral values. If no properties are selected, sets all current property values as neutral.

    Restore Neutral Properties

    Restores the neutral properties for all selected properties. If no properties are selected, restores all neutral property values.

    Repeat Last Property Change

    Applies the last property change to the current selection. For example, to apply the same opacity to multiple actors, you can change an actor's opacity and then select a different actor and click this command.

    Copy Appearance Properties Copies the following properties between actors:
    • All actors: Color, Opacity, Texture
    • Geometry actors: Shininess, Emission, Environment effect
    • Collaborative actors: All appearance properties, including Attach, Font, Border, Shape, and Background.
    To copy appearance properties, see the step below.
    Manage Meta-Properties

    Adds or removes CAD metadata or user-defined properties to the selection, such as revision notes and author. You can apply meta-properties to parts or assemblies.

    For details, see Meta-Properties.

  4. Optional: To copy appearance properties, perform the following operations:
    1. Select one or more actors to modify.
    2. Click Copy Appearance Properties . Your mouse pointer changes to an eye dropper when in the viewport.
    3. Click the actor whose appearance properties you are copying.
    The properties of the actor are applied to the selected actors.

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