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Moving Actors

To move actors in the viewport:

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  1. Drag the initial view to the viewport.
  2. Click Transform > Move > Free Drag .

    Free dragging lets you move actors to anywhere in the current plane.

  3. In the viewport, drag the LPattern2 actor to a new position and then press Esc twice.

    The first Esc clears your selection (unselects LPattern2), and the second Esc exits free-dragging mode.

    Note: Many Composer tools remain active until you exit the tool by pressing Esc. This behavior lets you perform operations multiple times without having to reselect the tool.
  4. Click Transform > Move > Translate .

    Translation mode lets you move actors along the x, y, and z axes and planes.

  5. In the viewport, select the two blue rails in the model.

    A triad gizmo appears. Gizmos let you manipulate actors in 3D by dragging them. In this case, the red, green, and blue arrows indicate the directions you can move.

  6. Drag the blue arrow.

    You can only drag along the y-axis. When you drag the red or green arrows, you can drag along those axes. If you drag the fan area between two axes, you can drag anywhere along that plane.

    Note: Actors other than the two blue rails you selected also move because kinematic links exist between actors. Composer lets you create kinematic relationships to create sophisticated animations.

  7. Press Esc twice.
  8. Click Transform > Move > Rotate .

    Rotation mode lets you rotate one or more actors. Contrast this to viewport rotation (right mouse button), which rotates the entire model.

  9. In the viewport, click the LPattern2 actor.

    A spherical gizmo appears with red, green, and blue arcs for the different directions you can rotate.

  10. Drag each gizmo arc to rotate in different directions. Drag the center of the gizmo to rotate the part freely (in any direction).
  11. Press Esc twice.

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