System Requirements

System requirements depend on the vault database being upgraded. They are affected by the structure of the database, including the number of files, versions, and references being converted.

Use powerful workstations. As files are opened and resaved in SOLIDWORKS, it is important that the workstations used have sufficient resources to handle even the largest assembly structures. Use powerful workstations with enough RAM and plenty of free hard disk space.

For more details, see System Requirements on the SOLIDWORKS website.

Stop any non-essential processes to free up as many resources as possible on the workstations being used.

The following are specific recommendations:

  • Archive server

    When the conversion is performed by overwriting existing versions of files, a backup is created for each overwritten file. The archive server must have disk capacity to store these backup files.

    Before the upgrade begins, a screen message notifies you of the space needed, based on the files you have selected to upgrade.

  • Workstations

    All workstations that will be used for the upgrade must have enough RAM to open the largest assembly to be converted.