Viewing and Editing Option Settings

SOLIDWORKS Administrative Image Option Editor enables you to view and change option settings for groups and machines specified for the image.

  • When you first start the Option Editor, option settings are displayed in read-only mode. The Change icon is not shaded.

    Clicking on Global Settings, a group, or a machine displays a summary of option settings for that item:

    Scope Option Settings Displayed
    Global Settings All option settings specified for the administrative image
    Group Changes in the group settings relative to the Global Settings
    Machine Changes in the machine settings relative to the group
  • To make changes to option settings, click Change . The icon becomes shaded and a more detailed option settings listing appears.

    Clicking on Global Settings, a group, or a machine lets you change option settings for that item. When you make a change in an option setting that differs from the inherited Global Settings or group settings, that option setting highlights.

    If you click Change again, the display reverts to read-only mode.

    If you make changes, the Option Editor prompts you to save or discard them when you exit.