Building Model as a Part in CircuitWorks

You can open ECAD files directly in CircuitWorks using an option in the SOLIDWORKS software.

You can open an IDF file directly in CircuitWorks by clicking File > Open in SOLIDWORKS. Previously, with this option, you could only build a CircuitWorks file as an assembly in SOLIDWORKS. A new option in CircuitWorks allows you to build a CircuitWorks file as a part in SOLIDWORKS.

To build a model as a part in CircuitWorks:

  1. Click Tools > Add-Ins to load the CircuitWorks add-in.
  2. Click CircuitWorks Options (CircuitWorks toolbar) or Tools > CircuitWorks > CircuitWorks Options.
  3. In the CircuitWorks Options dialog box, on the General tab, under General options, clear Open files in CircuitWorks Lite.
  4. Click File > Open and browse to a emn file.
    The file opens in CircuitWorks.
    You can edit any of the board entity properties by right-clicking Components, clicking Properties, and modifying the Component Instance Properties.
  5. In the CircuitWorks menu, click Tools > Build Model as Part.
  6. If a dialog box prompting a warning appears, click OK.
    The CircuitWorks file is built as a part in SOLIDWORKS.
    You can edit the part in SOLIDWORKS and export it back to CircuitWorks by clicking Tools > CircuitWorks > Export to CircuitWorks.