CircuitWorks and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

With CircuitWorks, an add-in to SOLIDWORKS, you can create 3D models from the file formats written by most electrical computer-aided design (ECAD) systems. You can collaborate to design printed circuit boards (PCBs) that fit and function in SOLIDWORKS assemblies.

You can import the following CircuitWorks ECAD file PCB or component thermal properties to SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation:
  • Dielectric and conductor density
  • Specific heat
  • Conductivity for PCBs
  • Conductivity for volumetric heat sources from components

When you conduct thermal analysis with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, the SOLIDWORKS model references the imported customer thermal properties.

Two options in the Flow Simulation tree facilitate setting up the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis for cooling simulation of electronic components:
  • Right-click Heat Sources and select Import volume source from model. Select the heat sources to import in Item properties.
  • Right-click Printed Circuit Boards and select Import Printed Circuit Boards from model. Select the PCBs to import in Item properties.