Component Library

The CircuitWorks Component Library stores SOLIDWORKS part models that represent components in the ECAD data.

When you open an ECAD file in CircuitWorks, CircuitWorks checks the library for existing SOLIDWORKS models for each component in the ECAD data. If a model exists, CircuitWorks inserts the model when building the assembly. If a model does not exist, CircuitWorks creates a new component model using the footprint and height information in the ECAD file and adds it to the library. 

When CircuitWorks is first installed, the Component Library contains only a few sample models. As the library grows, CircuitWorks can reuse more models and therefore build assemblies more quickly.

The CircuitWorks tree shows components without an existing model with an icon.

  • You can define how CircuitWorks determines if a component exists in the library from the CircuitWorks Options - Library dialog box.
  • You can select what database CircuitWorks uses for the library from the CircuitWorks Options - Database dialog box.
  • You can define how CircuitWorks names SOLIDWORKS models from the CircuitWorks Options - Models dialog box.