CircuitWorks can search a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault for components to use in the assemblies it builds.

With or without SOLIDWORKS PDM, CircuitWorks searches for components in the Component Library when building an assembly. CircuitWorks references the part file in the assembly if both:
  • A database record exists in the Component Library.
  • A corresponding part file exists in the Component Library component folder.
If a component is not found in the Component Library, CircuitWorks builds and adds it to the Component Library.
Components managed through SOLIDWORKS PDM are marked with this icon .

The following Library option controls how CircuitWorks treats files in SOLIDWORKS PDM vaults:

Verify components exist in vault on library setup

This option is off by default to allow for faster library startup. Select this option if you want CircuitWorks to check the vault for newer versions of components.

With the option selected, when using SOLIDWORKS PDM, CircuitWorks checks the Component Library first. If the component record is in the library and the component folder is a local vault view folder, CircuitWorks checks the vault for the latest component file. If the vault contains a newer version, CircuitWorks gets the latest file, ensuring that CircuitWorks always use the latest component versions. If a component is checked out by the current user, CircuitWorks uses the local version.