EDMD Report Dialog Box

Use the EDMD Report dialog box to view the history of changes to an EDMD board.

To open the EDMD Report dialog box, in the Changes pane, right-click the baseline or a change and click Show Report.


Messages Displays the baseline and changes that appear in the Changes pane.
Change File Displays the names of the baseline and change files.
Response File Displays the names of response files received from the PCB designer.
Change ID Displays the change ID assigned to the change file.
Change Description Shows change details.

For example, if an item is moved in SOLIDWORKS, the Change Description says ITEM MOVED and gives the coordinates of the item.

Change By Displays the name of the person who made the change.
Response By Displays the name of a PCB designer who responds to the change.
Change Date Displays the date the change was made.
Response Date Displays the date the PCB designer responded to the change.
Status Indicates whether the change is:
  • Proposed
  • Accepted
  • Rejected
Built in SW Indicates whether the EDMD file has been built in SOLIDWORKS.
Change Note Displays change notes created in the Sync with ECAD dialog box.
Response Note Displays response notes provided by the PCB designer.

Export to CSV

Lets you save the report contents as a comma-separated value file by opening the Save As dialog box for the .csv file type.

You can open the saved file in an Excel spreadsheet.