Board Properties

Use the Board Properties panel to view board properties and feature counts. You can also choose whether to use an existing SOLIDWORKS model to represent the board in the assembly.

To open this panel:

From the tree view, right-click Boards and select Properties.

Thickness (mm) The board thickness. CircuitWorks models a board with zero thickness as a 2D sketch.
No. of Layers The number of layers in the board. Read-only.
No. of Cutouts The number of cutouts. Read-only.
No. Plated Holes The number of plated holes. Read-only.
No. Nonplated Holes The number of nonplated holes. Read-only.
No. pads The number of pads. Read-only. Not supported by all ECAD systems.
No. Filled Areas The number of filled areas. Read-only. Not supported by all ECAD systems.
No. Traces The number of traces. Read-only. Not supported by all ECAD systems.
Use this existing Board model To use an existing model instead of generating one from the ECAD data:
  1. Select this option.
  2. Click Browse (...).
  3. From the Select SOLIDWORKS Part or Assembly File dialog box, select a model.
  4. Click Open.
The preview image continues to show the board in the ECAD data, which might not be the same shape as the part file you selected.