Component Properties

Use the Component Properties panel to view and edit component properties.

To open this panel:

From the tree view, expand Components, then right-click the component and select Properties.

ECAD Component Name

The component name. Used by CircuitWorks to determine if a component is unique.

ECAD Part Number

The part number. Might be used by CircuitWorks (in conjunction with the component name) to determine if a component is unique.

Device Class

The Electronic Component Type or Standard Classification of the component.

Examples of device classes are Capacitor, Diode, Transistor, Fuse, and Filter.

For older library parts already present for ECAD files in install_dir\CircuitWorksFull\Examples, the reference designator prefix is used as the Device Class.

ECAD Component Type

The component type: Electrical or Mechanical.

ECAD Component Height (mm)
Specify a non-zero height to ensure that CircuitWorks models the components in 3D rather than as 2D sketches.
CircuitWorks shows zero-height components with a icon in the tree and uses wireframe rather than solid in the preview image.
Build Status
Specifies how CircuitWorks builds this component:
  • Build New - The component part is not in the Component Library, so CircuitWorks creates a new SOLIDWORKS model and adds it to the library.
  • From Library - CircuitWorks uses the existing model from the Component Library.

To replace an existing library model, change From Library to Build New.

SOLIDWORKS component Specifies the location and filename of the SOLIDWORKS model for the CircuitWorks library component.

Click Browse for component to list electronic component data models from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

SOLIDWORKS Configuration

Specifies the SOLIDWORKS configuration name to use for the component in this CircuitWorks model. (Last Saved) specifies the currently active configuration.

Reference designator prefix

Specifies the letter prepended to reference designators for new instances of this component. For example, if your Reference designator prefix is C, and you use two capacitors on a board, the software assigns the reference designator C1 to the first capacitor and C2 to the second capacitor when you export the model to SOLIDWORKS.

Shows the orientation of the part. If the component exists in the library, then the icon shows the model's orientation. Otherwise, the icon shows the default orientation that CircuitWorks will use to build the model. See CircuitWorks Options - Models for details.
CircuitWorks builds assemblies in SOLIDWORKS from components with different alignments by rotating the components as needed.
No. Instances

Total number of instances of this component type. Read-only.