From the EDMD tab of the CircuitWorks application, you can send Prostep EDMD file change decisions and review correspondence.

To activate the commands on the EDMD tab, you must enable Prostep EDMD:

  1. Click Tools > CircuitWorks > CircuitWorks Options, and from the dialog box, click Prostep EDMD .
  2. Select Use Prostep EDMD.
    If you are not relying on email-based communication, you must also specify the shared folder to be a folder that both you and your ECAD designer can access.
  3. Click OK.


Sync with ECAD Launches the Sync with ECAD dialog box, to send Prostep EDMD file change decisions from CircuitWorks to the ECAD system.
You can convert non-Prostep EDMD files that are open in CircuitWorks to the Prostep EDMD format when you click Sync with ECAD.
  <Click to edit note> Permits you to type comments in the Sync with ECAD dialog box.
As a best practice, explain why you have accepted or rejected received changes, or describe the changes you made.
  OK Closes the Sync with ECAD dialog box and saves the updated Prostep EDMD data to the shared folder.
If you have select the CircuitWorks option Use email-based communication, an outgoing email is launched.


Received Files Displays the messages included with received files. The messages include all changes received from the ECAD system since you last opened the files in CircuitWorks. Messages are displayed only for changes that have not yet been processed.
The messages for open Prostep EDMD files appear in red.
Double-click a message to review the associated Prostep EDMD data.
Sent Files Displays messages you included with the Prostep EDMD files you sent to the ECAD system.