CircuitWorks Options - Prostep EDMD

From the CircuitWorks Options - Prostep EDMD dialog box, you can set Prostep EDMD file sharing and communication options.

To display CircuitWorks Options - Prostep EDMD:

From the CircuitWorks Options dialog box, click Prostep EDMD .

To display the CircuitWorks Options dialog box, do one of the following:

  • From CircuitWorks, click the CircuitWorks application menu , then click Options .
  • From SOLIDWORKS, click Tools > CircuitWorks > CircuitWorks Options.
  Use Prostep EDMD Enables Prostep EDMD file synchronization.
  Write Prostep files in these units Specifies units of measurement for Prostep EDMD files.
  Using this decimal delimiter Specifies the symbol used to separate the decimal portion for measurements:

. (Period)

, (Comma)

  Read and write Prostep version Specifies the Prostep EDMD version used by your ECAD designer.
  Shared folder Specifies the folder where Prostep EDMD files are shared between the CircuitWorks software and the ECAD application.

Default file format

  *.idx (uncompressed) Exports file updates as uncompressed .idx files.
  *.idz (compressed) Exports file updates as compressed .idz files.

Change files

  Create new file for each change Creates new change files when you sync.
  Add new changes to the existing file Updates existing Prostep EDMD change files with the changes when you sync.


  Open all Prostep files in folder automatically

When selected, loads all Prostep EDMD file changes when you select a Prostep EDMD file to open.

When cleared, opens only the selected Prostep EDMD file.

  Sync with ECAD automatically on build Automatically saves processed Prostep EDMD file changes in the shared folder when you click Build Model (SOLIDWORKS pane of the Tools tab) or when you update the model in CircuitWorks. For new Prostep EDMD models, the model is placed in the shared folder when you export the SOLIDWORKS model to the CircuitWorks application as a Prostep EDMD model. In addition, the ECAD system is notified of these changes.
When cleared, you can notify the ECAD system of file changes by clicking Sync with ECAD (EDMD tab).
  Use email-based communication When syncing Prostep EDMD file updates with the ECAD designer, launches your default email program with an outgoing message ready for sending. The updated Prostep EDMD file information is attached to the email, and the software updates the files in the shared folder.
  Default recipient email addresses For email-based communication, the outgoing email is addressed to the recipients.
You can separate recipient email addresses by a semicolon.
  Animate change in preview image on tree selection Displays a selected change as an animation when you select a proposed change in the Changes tree.
  Reverse rotation direction of components on the underside of the board When you rotate the board, rotates components on the underside of the board in the reverse direction.
  Check for changes made in SOLIDWORKS before applying changes from ECAD Prompts you to sync unsynced SOLIDWORKS model changes with the ECAD system.
  Use GMT style date in IDX communication Uses the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) date format for Prostep EDMD file sharing and communications.