Hole Properties

Use the Plated Hole Properties and Nonplated Hole Properties panels to view and edit plated and nonplated hole properties.

To open these panels:

From the tree view, expand Boards, expand Plated Holes or Nonplated Holes, then right-click the hole and select Properties.

X Value (mm)

X coordinate of the center point of the hole relative to the board's origin (typically the lower-left corner).

Y Value (mm)

Same as X Value but for the Y coordinate.

Hole Diameter

The hole diameter.

Associated Part
Read-only. The part with which the hole is associated:
  • Reference designator of a component instance
  • NoRefDes (a component without a reference designator)

The hole filtering section of the Import Wizard uses this property to include or exclude holes by their associated component.

Hole Type
The use of the hole:
  • Pin - Associated with a component pin.
  • Via - Associated with a conductive via.
  • Mtg - Used for mounting purposes.
  • Tool - Used for tooling purposes.
  • Other - Has an alternative use.
Hole Owner
Not supported by all ECAD systems. Ignored by CircuitWorks (CircuitWorks can modify properties regardless of this property value), but you can change the value when exporting IDF data:
  • MCAD - Can only be modified in the MCAD system.
  • ECAD - Can only be modified in the ECAD system.
  • Unowned - Can be modified in either system.
Extrude Type Specifies the way the hole is extruded.
Filter Status

The filter status: Filtered In or Filtered Out.