CircuitWorks Options - SOLIDWORKS Export

Set options that affect how assemblies are exported from SOLIDWORKS to CircuitWorks.

To display the CircuitWorks Options - SOLIDWORKS Export dialog box:

From the CircuitWorks Options dialog box, click SOLIDWORKS Export .

To display the CircuitWorks Options dialog box, do one of the following:

  • From CircuitWorks, click the CircuitWorks application menu , then click Options .
  • From SOLIDWORKS, click Tools > CircuitWorks > CircuitWorks Options.

Select top of the board

If you export an assembly that was not created by CircuitWorks, CircuitWorks prompts for the top face of the component representing the circuit board. Your selection identifies the board component and defines the coordinate system CircuitWorks uses to export the assembly. For details, see Exporting SOLIDWORKS Models to CircuitWorks.
Prompt once Prompts only the first time you export each assembly. CircuitWorks uses your selection if you export the assembly again.
If you select the wrong face when exporting an assembly, select Prompt each time and export the assembly again with Don't prompt me for known assemblies selected, which restores the Prompt once setting.
Prompt each time Prompts every time you export.

If no correctly named sketches are found

When exporting an assembly from SOLIDWORKS to CircuitWorks, CircuitWorks uses export rules to identify components. See SOLIDWORKS Feature Mappings for information on the naming scheme you can apply to the SOLIDWORKS model extrude and sketch features. You can specify that the CircuitWorks software use silhouette edges to determine component shape for models that do not following the naming scheme.

Ignore the component Disables silhouette edge recognition. The component is not exported.
Use the component's silhouette edges to determine its shape Enables silhouette edge recognition without prompting.
You can also enable this option by selecting Always take this action for components containing no suitable sketches from the prompt.
Prompt each time Prompts whether to use silhouette edge recognition.

CircuitWorks Export Wizard

Warn if feature names do not contain CircuitWorks identifiers When exporting from the SOLIDWORKS software to the CircuitWorks software, displays a warning when the feature naming convenion does not match the criteria you specify on the General tab of the CircuitWorks Options dialog box.
Import and export components based on this coordinate system: Specifies the name of the user-defined coordinate system that CircuitWorks uses to position components during import and export. The default name is CWX.
Set part number to component's active configuration name Uses active configuration names as ECAD part numbers. CircuitWorks ignores any part numbers previously saved as custom properties in part files. CircuitWorks regards different configurations of a SOLIDWORKS part as different ECAD components.

If this option is not selected, CircuitWorks uses previously saved part numbers, if present. Otherwise, CircuitWorks uses SOLIDWORKS file names. CircuitWorks regards different configurations of a SOLIDWORKS part as the same ECAD component.

This option does not affect component names. CircuitWorks always uses ECAD component names saved in part files, if present, or SOLIDWORKS file names otherwise.
Ignore part of component below the board surface Changes the offset information of the component instance with respect to the board surface. The part of the the component instance that is below the board surface is ignored.