Syncing Selected Prostep EDMD Changes

When syncing Prostep EDMD changes with your ECAD design system, you can select the changes to export. You can export sets of changes as an .idz file.

Before sending Prostep EDMD file information, you must enable Prostep EDMD file syncing in the CircuitWorks application.

To open a Prostep EDMD file in the CircuitWorks application, from SolidWorks, click Tools > CircuitWorks > Open ECAD File, select the file, and click Open.

To sync selected Prostep EDMD changes:

  1. On the EDMD tab, click Sync with ECAD .
    The Sync with ECAD dialog box displays a summary of the messages to be sent with the Prostep EDMD data.
  2. Select messages to send:
    • To send most messages, click Change and clear the messages to withhold.
    • To send a few messages, select clear Change and select the messages to send.
  3. Click OK.