Reviewing and Sending Prostep EDMD Model Changes

After an ECAD designer proposes changes to a shared Prostep EDMD file, you can accept or reject the changes in CircuitWorks before building the model with the SOLIDWORKS software.

You can then propose your own model changes, and send these proposed changes to the ECAD designer, along with your decisions about the changes proposed by the ECAD designer.

  1. Open the s EDMD file in CircuitWorks.
    Proposed changes to the ECAD file are indicated in the Changes tree located in the lower-left portion of the CircuitWorks navigation tree.
  2. In the Changes tree, review the changes and right-click node for proposed changes:
    • To review a change, select the change in the Changes tree.
    • To accept changes, click Accept Changes.
    • To reject changes, click Reject Changes.
    You can accept or reject changes on a node-by-node basis, or on a set of nodes in the Changes tree. When you accept or reject changes to a parent node in the Changes tree, the same review decision is applied to the child nodes in the tree. After you accept a change at a node, the node appears gray and the icon includes the Accepted symbol.
  3. Repeat step 2 until you have reviewed all proposed changes.
    After reviewing all proposed changes, you can undo change review decisions: Right-click the top-level changes in the Changes tree and click Undo.
    The prefix for the name of a top-level change is Change.
  4. From the CircuitWorks application, click SOLIDWORKS > Build Model (Tools toolbar) to build the model as a SOLIDWORKS assembly.

    After building the model, you are prompted to add messages before your reviewed changes are communicated to the ECAD designer.

    If you have cleared the Sync with ECAD automatically on build CircuitWorks option, you can click Sync with ECAD to send your changes.