Specifying the Shared Prostep EDMD Data Folder

You must specify a shared folder to share Prostep EDMD data with an ECAD designer.

If you do not use email-based communication, the shared folder location must be available to you from the SOLIDWORKS software and to the ECAD designer from the ECAD application. If you use email-based communication, the shared folder is the location where you store your updated Prostep EDMD files before importing to or exporting from the CircuitWorks application.

  1. Click Tools > CircuitWorks > CircuitWorks Options, and from the dialog box, click Prostep EDMD .
  2. Select Use Prostep EDMD.
  3. For Shared folder, click Browse and select a folder that is accessible to you and to the ECAD designers.
    If there is no folder that can be shared by you and the ECAD designers, select a folder to store files communicated via email, and then select the Use email-based communication option.
  4. Click OK.