Sending Prostep EDMD Updates Manually

If you have cleared the Sync with ECAD automatically on build CircuitWorks option, you can manually send change decisions to your ECAD designer.

Before sending Prostep EDMD file information, you must enable Prostep EDMD file syncing.
  1. On the EDMD tab, click Sync with ECAD .
    The Sync with ECAD dialog box displays a summary of the messages to be sent with the Prostep EDMD data.
  2. Click <Click to edit note> to add a comment to a new item or a processed change.
  3. Add notes to other items as required, and click OK.
    If you sync by email, in addition to updating Prostep EDMD files in the shared folder, the CircuitWorks software attaches the s EDMD files to an outgoing email.