Editing Components

You can edit the properties of a component in the Component Library.

Edit a component for the following reasons:
  • One model for many components. Components might have different names but can be represented by the same package. For example, one solid model can represent resistors with different resistance if each resistor is physically the same size. You can save disk space by manually setting the path and file name of each resistor in the library to the same SOLIDWORKS model.
  • Use of multiple configuration parts. You can model similar components such as dual-in-line (DIL) packages as components of a single SOLIDWORKS part.
  • Use of assemblies. You might want to swap out the component model CircuitWorks has created for a SOLIDWORKS assembly.
  • Use of user-modeled parts. You can replace simple CircuitWorks part models with more detailed models you create from SOLIDWORKS.

To edit component properties:

  1. From the CircuitWorks Component Library dialog box, select the component from the component list.
  2. Click File > Edit Component or click Edit properties for selected component (Component Library toolbar).
  3. Change component properties as needed. For example, click Browse in SOLIDWORKS component to select a different part or assembly file.
  4. Click Accept Changes .