Adding Components to the Library

CircuitWorks builds component models and adds them to the library automatically. You can also manually add components from different folders to the library with the CircuitWorks Library Component Wizard dialog box.

To add components to the component library:

  1. To open the CircuitWorks Component Library dialog box, do one of the following:
    • Click the Tools tab (top of the CircuitWorks application), and click Library (Tools toolbar).
    • From the SOLIDWORKS application, click Component Library (CircuitWorks toolbar) or CircuitWorks > Component Library.
  2. From the dialog box, click File > Add Components.
  3. In the CircuitWorks Library Component Wizard dialog box, click Next, and click Browse (...) to select the folder containing the components to add.
    To display files in subfolders, select Include files in subfolders.
  4. On the Select Components page, select components to add and click Select .
    Click Select All to add all files in the folder to the library.
  5. To add components from other folders, repeat Steps 2. and 3.
  6. Click Next and select the component orientation for all components.
    • Off front XY plane - positive
    • Off top XZ plane - positive
    • Off right YZ plane - positive
    • Off front XY plane - negative
    • Off top XZ plane - negative
    • Off right YZ plane - negative
    This component orientation is used for all components for which you have not defined a user-defined coordinate system, CWX. See User-Defined Coordinates for Component Orientation.
    You can change the component orientation later.
  7. Click Next and select a method for defining components.
  8. Click Next and select a file location, package name and part number options.
  9. Review your selections and click Back to modify them, or click Next and Start Adding Files to add the components to the library.
  10. Click Finish.
  • CircuitWorks adds the parts to the library using both the Component Name and Part Number fields.
  • If CircuitWorks is configured to match components in the library using name and height, then you must edit the component heights of the imported components to ensure CircuitWorks matches them rather than creating new models.