Specifying Component Heights

You can provide the height for each component instance when you design a circuit board.

The height information for a component from an ECAD file appears in the Component Instance Properties panel. For each component instance, you can modify the component height and associate the modified instance with a specific SOLIDWORKS configuration.

The software saves the height modification in the ECAD file. When you build a SOLIDWORKS assembly from the data in CircuitWorks, the software assigns the height to the SOLIDWORKS configuration you specified.

To specify component heights:

  1. In CircuitWorks, open an ECAD file.
  2. In the CircuitWorks feature tree, right-click a component instance and click Properties.
  3. In the Component Instance Properties panel, type the value for Height (mm).
    The value for SOLIDWORKS Configuration is NA if you have not exported the ECAD file to SOLIDWORKS.
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each component instance.
  5. Click Build Model (SOLIDWORKS section of the Tools tab).
  6. In SOLIDWORKS, on the CircuitWorks CommandManager, click Export to CircuitWorks .
  7. In the CircuitWorks feature tree, in the file you exported from SOLIDWORKS, right-click one of the component instances to which you assigned a height.
    In the Component Instance Properties panel, SOLIDWORKS Configuration shows the configuration associated with the component instance.