Results PropertyManager (Motion Analysis only)

You can calculate and plot Motion Analysis results such as forces and displacements in the Results PropertyManager.

To open the Results PropertyManager:

  1. Open a Motion Analysis type motion study: From a motion study for an assembly, select Motion Analysis for Type of Study.
  2. Click Results and Plots (MotionManager toolbar).


  <select a category> Specifies the result category. Select one of the following:
  • Displacement/Velocity/Acceleration
  • Forces
  • Momentum/Energy/Power
  • Other Quantities
  <select a sub-category> Specifies the result subcategory. The available subcategories depend on the selected category.
  <select result component> Specifies the method of resolving the component. The options depend on the selected category and subcategory.
PM_Results_select.gif Feature Specifies a component face, edge, vertex, or mate whose motion determines the result values. You can drag your mouse over the FeatureManager design tree to aid in component and mate selection. A triad appears on the component or mate to show its local direction of X, Y, and Z.
part.png Reference Part Specifies an optional reference part that plots the result relative to the coordinates of that part.

Plot Results

Create a new plot When selected, plots the current result separate from existing results in the motion study.
Add to existing plot When selected, plots the current result in the same plot as result you select from the list.

Example: 1 Plot versus 2 Plots

Plot result versus Specifies the dependent variable of the plot. Select one of the following:


The time during the simulation as depicted on the timeline.


The animation frame number, based on your settings in the Motion Study Properties PropertyManager.

New Result

Expands the PropertyManager options to permit you to define a new result to plot against.

Create new motion data sensor Permits you to define a sensor that references the result values.

Sensor Properties

units.png Units Indicates the units used to calculate the result values.
To specify units for motion calculations, click Unit System > Edit Document Units (Status bar).
opt_result_type.png Criterion

Model Max

The maximum value of the result defines the sensor.

Model Min

The minimum value of the result defines the sensor.

Model Average

The average value of the result defines the sensor.


The root mean square value of the result defines the sensor.

Value at a Specific Time

The result value calculated at the time you enter defines the sensor.

Sensor Alert

Alerts notify you immediately when the sensor value deviates from the limits you specify. When a sensor triggers an alert, the sensor is flagged in the FeatureManager design tree. Select Alert and set an operator and limits.

For sensors with numeric values, specify an operator and one or two numeric values. Operators include:
  • is greater than
  • is less than
  • is exactly
  • is not greater than
  • is not less than
  • is not exactly
  • is between
  • is not between

Output Options

Show vector in the graphics window Displays graphical representations of available vectors for the following types of result plots:
  • Forces:
    • Reaction force
    • Reaction moment
  • Displacement/Velocity/Acceleration:
    • Linear displacement
    • Linear velocity
    • Linear acceleration