Motion Study-specific Mates

Motion study-specific mates are mates created for a motion study that are independent of the assembly model mates. Using motion study-specific mates, you can create multiple motion studies to analyze model motion with different mates without changing the model.

To create motion study-specific mates:

  1. Select a motion study.
  2. Add mates to the assembly from the motion study.

Motion study-specific mates are listed only in the MotionManager design tree. The string Local prefaces the name of motion study-specific mates.

When mates are grouped by status, the motion study-specific mates are not included in the status folders. These mates are listed individually under the Mates folder in the MotionManager design tree. For information on grouping mates, see SOLIDWORKS Help: Mate Folders.

When you view the assembly mates from the Model tab, the motion study-specific mates do not appear in the FeatureManager design tree.