Basic Motion Overview

You can use Basic Motion for approximating the effects of motors, springs, collisions, and gravity on assemblies. Basic Motion takes mass into account in calculating motion. Basic Motion computation is relatively fast, so you can use this for creating presentation-worthy animations using physics-based simulations.

To create a simulation using Basic Motion calculations:

  1. Select Basic Motion from the Type of Study list in the MotionManager.
    The available motions studies types include:
    • Animation
    • Basic Motion
    • Motion Analysis
  2. Select tools in the MotionManager toolbar to include simulation elements.
  3. Click Calculate (MotionManager toolbar) to calculate the simulation.
  4. Click Play from Start (MotionManager toolbar) to play the simulation from the start.
  • Contact between components is ignored unless you specify three-dimensional solid body contact. If you do not specify contact, components in contact pass through each other in the animation.
  • When you record a simulation, components with in-context references may move if you do not fully define their position.