Displaying Vectors with Reaction Force Results

To display vectors with reaction force results from a Motion Analysis study:

  1. From a Motion Analysis study, click Results and Plots Tool_Results_and_Plots.gif (MotionManager toolbar).
  2. In the PropertyManager, for the Result category, select Forces.
  3. For the sub-category, select Reaction Force.
  4. Select a result component, such as Magnitude.
  5. Select a mate to define the reaction force.
    To find a mate to select, it is easiest to pass your mouse over a mate in the MotionManager tree, which highlights the mate on the assembly in the graphics area.
  6. Select a face of a part used in the mate definition.
  7. Select Show vector in the graphics window.
    You must set up the vector definition correctly to access this option. If, for example, you do not select a mate and one of its defining parts, this option is hidden.
  8. Click .
    If you have already calculated the motion, the vector is displayed.
  9. Calculate or re-play the motion to view the vector during the motion simulation.