Modifying the Stress Analysis Mesh Density

Stress analysis computes stress, deformation, and factor of safety results for a component by discretizing component geometry into a mesh of points at which to compute values.

The mesh density is represented by a scaling factor that is applied to a default computed mesh size. The scaling factor ranges from 2.0, coarsest, to 5.0, finest. A finer mesh density gives more accuracy in the simulation results, but requires more computation time. When setting up stress analysis results, you can modify the mesh density and check that the density does not produce errors.

To modify and check the mesh density in the Simulation Setup PropertyManager:

  1. Click Advanced and hover over the slider to view the current mesh density.
  2. Drag the slider from Course to Fine to modify the mesh density.
  3. Click Check Mesh to make certain that the new mesh density does not produce errors.
    The number of time steps used in the mesh density calculation depends on your Frames per second setting in the Motion Study Properties PropertyManager.
    A progress dialog appears, indicating the computed time steps.
  4. Modify other elements in the Simulation Setup PropertyManager and click .
For more information on meshes, see SOLIDWORKS Simulation Help: Mesh.