Tracing the Motion of a Point in an Assembly

You can trace the path of motion of a point in an assembly.

  1. From a Motion Analysis study, click Results and Plots Tool_Results_and_Plots.gif (MotionManager toolbar).
  2. In the PropertyManager under Result, for Category, select Displacement/Velocity/Acceleration.
  3. For Subcategory, select Trace Path.
  4. Select a point or vertex on the assembly.
  5. Select items under Output Options and click .
  6. Click Calculate Tool_Calculate.gif (MotionManager toolbar).
    The motion path appears in the graphics area but is not plotted.
    You can right-click a Trace Path result in the MotionManager tree to create a Curve feature from the path. You can create the Curve feature in the current assembly or in a new part.