DXF/DWG Import Wizard - Part Document Options

When you import DXF and DWG files to new parts as 2D sketches or 3D curves or models, the Import Wizard displays document settings and drawing layer mappings that are specific to parts.

To access the DXF/DWG Import Wizard - Document Settings screen for parts:

  • Select Import to a new part as: > 2D Sketch or Import to a new part as: > 3D curves or model and click Next.
  • Select Import MDT data from file and click Next, then select a layout tab in the Preview section.

For 2D sketches, after choosing document settings, click Next to display the DXF/DWG Import Wizard - Drawing Layer Mapping screen for parts. There is no Drawing Layer Mapping screen for 3D curves or models, or MDT data.

When you import a DXF file as a SOLIDWORKS part, any line with a dashed line font is imported as a construction line.
You cannot import AutoCAD PROXY entities from DWG and DXF files into SOLIDWORKS parts as 3D curves or models.

Document Settings for Parts

Units of imported data Select the units in which the imported model was created.
Add constraints Select to solve all the apparent relations and constraints in the sketch.
Import Dimensions Select to import dimensions included in the original document.
Import Layers Select one of the following options:

All layers

Imports all layers to the sketch.

Selected layers

Imports only the layers you select from the list.

Import each layer to a new sketch Imports each layer of the .dxf or .dwg file to a new sketch.

Drawing Layer Mapping for Parts

Merge points closer than Select to merge points that, after import, are within a specified merge distance. Type the merge distance in Distance.
If you select Merge points closer than and the drawing contains at least one block, you are prompted to enable the Explode Blocks option. Explode the blocks to facilitate merging.
If gaps exist in the imported file geometry and you do not select Merge points closer than, you might have trouble manipulating the data in SOLIDWORKS. For example, you might be able to extrude the sketch only as a thin feature, not as a solid body.
Merge overlapping entities Merges the overlapping entities such as lines or arcs into a single entity.
Run Repair Sketch Launches the Repair Sketch tool after importing the data to a 2D sketch.
Define Sketch Origin Enables the origin coordinate fields.
Apply Applies changes you make to the origin coordinate fields.

If you enable the origin coordinate fields, you must apply changes to continue.

Origin X and Y Coordinates Lets you change the X and Y coordinates of the sketch by selecting a new origin location in the preview window or by typing new coordinates.
Rotate about the origin Rotates the imported sketch entities.
Angle Specifies the angle of rotation of the imported sketch entities.
Preview layers Lists the layers you previously selected for Import Layers. The selected layer is displayed in the preview window if you have selected Import each layer to a different sketch.
Remove Entities Removes entities selected in the preview window.

Document Settings for Imported MDT Data

Component Import Options Select one of the following options:

Use Feature Import

Imports individual features that you can edit.

Use Geometry Import

Imports one solid part that you cannot directly edit.

If a file with the same name exists, select one of the following options:  
Use existing Uses the existing SOLIDWORKS file and does not import the new part or assembly file.
Overwrite Overwrites the existing SOLIDWORKS file.
Save with new name Prompts you to save the file with a new name.