DXF/DWG Import Wizard - Document Settings

Specify Document Settings for importing a file to a new drawing document.

To display the DXF/DWG Import Wizard - Document Settings screen for drawings:

  1. Select Create new SOLIDWORKS drawing > Convert to SOLIDWORKS Entities or Create new SOLIDWORKS drawing > Embed as a sheet in native DXF/DWG format and click Next.
  2. After selecting options on the Drawing Layer Mapping screen, click Next.

SOLIDWORKS attempts to make the best settings based on the imported file data, but you can adjust the options.

If the modeling limits in the DXF/DWG file exceed the SOLIDWORKS application limits, an error message appears about a processing error and an incomplete file. Adjust the Data units, Geometry scaling, and Geometry positioning settings on the Document Settings screen and try to import the DXF/DWG file again.

If the DXF/DWG file contains a large number of blocks (more than 200), you are prompted to enable the Explode Blocks option. Explode the blocks to improve import performance.

If the options on the Document Settings screen are inactive, check Import this sheet as in the Preview area.

Font properties

Adjust font's width Ignores width factor for AutoCAD fonts and uses font's default width.

Input file properties

Data units Select the units of the input file.

Output file properties

Paper size Sets the drawing sheet size. Select User Defined to specify the Width and Height.
Document template Sets a document template for the imported entities. If Paper size, Width, and Height are specified in the sheet format of the template, these settings update accordingly. This template information is saved in the registry for DXF files, and used in future DXF file imports unless you change the template.

Drawing sheet scale

Specify the drawing sheet scale (default 1:1). The dimensions of the imported model are not affected.

Geometry positioning

Sets the position of the geometry on the sheet.

Move entities onto the sheet Moves the lower left corner of the imported drawing to the origin of the SOLIDWORKS drawing sheet.
Center in sheet Centers the imported drawing in the drawing sheet.
Position (default) Specifies where to place the origin position of the imported drawing on the SOLIDWORKS drawing sheet. Type X and Y coordinates to place the origin of the imported drawing.
Model tab Displays a preview of the model space from the imported model. This tab is selected by default when you import MDT files.
Layout tab Displays a preview of the drawing layout. The tabs match the tabs shown when you have the DXF or DWG file open inside the AutoCAD, DraftSight, or Mechanical Desktop application.
Import this sheet as Edit the default name for a drawing sheet. The name appears in SOLIDWORKS on the sheet tab and in the FeatureManager design tree.