AutoCAD Font Support

SOLIDWORKS accurately displays AutoCAD® fonts when you import DXF/DWG drawing files, even if AutoCAD is not installed on your computer. SOLIDWORKS has added True Type fonts to support the most popular AutoCAD fonts.

The fonts are mapped using the default mapping file located at \Data\drawFontMap.txt.

In the default mapping file, the left column lists the AutoCAD SHX or True Type font from the source drawings. The right column lists the SOLIDWORKS or Windows True Type font that the AutoCAD drawing text is being mapped to in the new SOLIDWORKS drawing.

You can edit the mapping file as needed. When mapping additional AutoCAD fonts to SOLIDWORKS or Windows True Type fonts, note the following:

  • Both font lists must be the simple font names, without extensions
  • The SOLIDWORKS or Windows True Type fonts must be available in the operating system's \Fonts directory. (To find the \Fonts folder, in the Run window, type %systemroot%\fonts.) If the True Type font is not available, the SOLIDWORKS drawing document default font is used.

The SOLIDWORKS or Windows True Type fonts are also available to use in SOLIDWORKS original documents. When you save SOLIDWORKS documents as DXF or DWG files, you can use the drawFontMap.txt mapping file to reverse map any SOLIDWORKS or Windows True Type fonts back into AutoCAD SHX or True Type fonts. When the drawing files are opened in AutoCAD, the exact fonts are used - no substitution of default fonts is required. This improves the visual fidelity of the drawing files.

The following list shows the fonts contained in the default mapping file.

AutoCAD SHX or True Type Font SOLIDWORKS or Windows True Type Font
complex SWComp
gothice SWGothe
gothicg SWGothg
gothici SWGothi
greekc SWGrekc
greeks SWGreks
isocp SWIsop1
isocp2 SWIsop2
isocp3 SWIsop3
isoct SWIsot1
isoct2 SWIsot2
isoct3 SWIsot3
italic SWItal
italicc SWItalc
italict SWItalt
monotxt SWMono
romanc SWRomnc
romand SWRomnd
romans SWRomns
romant SWRomnt
scriptc SWScrpc
scripts SWScrps
simplex SWSimp
syastro SWAstro
symap SWMap
symath SWMath
symeteo SWMeteo
symusic SWMusic
txt SWTxt