Import Cable/Wire Data PropertyManager

In the Import Cable/Wire Data PropertyManager, you import an Excel file into an .xml file to create a cable/wire library.

You can also use the Routing Electrical Library Wizard to create, edit, and import electrical cable and component data.

Import Cable/Wire Library

The PropertyManager controls the following:

Import Library Specify the Excel file to import.
Cable/Wire library file Specify the target .xml file. Be sure to store the .xml file in the location you specify in Routing File Locations.

Header Definitions (Excel)

Type the header text from the Excel file into the corresponding header definition field. For example, if you use PartNo as the header for the part number column in the Excel file, then type PartNo in Part number.

You can type multiple Excel headers, separated by semi-colons (no spaces), in a header definition field. For example, if you sometimes import an Excel file with a header PartNo, and at other times an Excel file with a header PN, then type PartNo;PN in Part number. The next time you import an Excel file, both entries appear and are recognized by the software.