Bill of Materials for Electrical Routes

In a flattened drawing of an electrical route, you can insert the following tables that display items specific to electrical routes:

Electrical BOM. Lists components of the route such as connectors, clips, and coverings.
Cut list. (Labeled Circuit Summary.) Lists conductor-wire identification, color, length, and from-to information.
Connector tables. Lists the pins and associated wires for the connectors you select.

Bills of Materials Options

You can manage routing components in BOMs. You can create BOMs that show only routing components. You can list all pipes and tubes individually in BOMs, or you can list all pipes and tubes of the same size as a single line item with a sum of the total pipe or tube length.

You can generate a BOM from the drawing view of an assembly. If an assembly includes any routing components, the Bill of Materials PropertyManager includes an extra section for Routing Component Grouping.
These options are available without the Routing add-in.

Selecting Show only routing components in BOM generates a BOM with only pipe, tube, wire and other routing components. No other types of components are included.

Selecting Group pipes or tubes with the same diameter and schedule lists all the pipes and tubes of the same size as one item, with the sum of the lengths and schedules for those components. For example, instead of showing that an assembly contains 6 units of a certain pipe that are 10 inches long and 8 more pipes that are 12 inches long, the BOM displays one item for the size pipe with a total length of 156 inches.

Selecting the options in different combinations produces different results. For example:
  • Selecting both options produces a BOM that lists only routing components, and combines pipes and tubes of each size.
  • Selecting only the first option produces a BOM that lists only routing components, but lists all pipes, tubes and wires individually.
  • Selecting only the second option produces a BOM that includes all the non-routing components in the assembly, but combines the pipe and tubes of each diameter and schedule.

Inserting Electrical Tables into a Drawing When You Flatten a Route

To insert electrical tables into a drawing when you flatten a route:

  1. Click Flatten Route Tool_FlattenRoute_Electrical.gif (Electrical toolbar) and select Drawing Options:
    • Click Electrical BOM, and select a template.
    • Click Cut list and select a template.
    • Click Connector table and select a template.
    • Click Auto balloons to include them.
  2. Set other options in the PropertyManager.
  3. Click PM_OK.gif.
You can also create electrical tables for a flattened route by right-clicking the flattened route and selecting Edit Flattened Route.
Balloons are not created for cables or wires.