From-To List

The From-To List is an Excel spreadsheet that defines:

  • Electrical connection data for each wire in a routed cable assembly.
  • Components, such as connectors, terminal blocks, and ring terminals, to which the wires connect.

With a From-To List, you can import both the connection data and the component data into a new or existing route subassembly. Alternatively, you can import only the connection data or only component data. You are not required to use a From-To List; you can also enter the connection data and insert components manually when you create a route.

After importing a From-To List, you can display guidelines that show the connections of the wires that need to be bundled into finished routes. In the Auto Route PropertyManager, you can select options for converting guidelines into routes.

When you use a From-To List, you also need a Cable/Wire Library and a Component Library.