Tag Scheme Manager

A P&ID tag is a string sequence representing subtag values such as size or area, for pipes, equipment, or other fittings. You can use the Tag Scheme Manager to define tag schemes for pipes, equipment, or other fittings to specify the sequence in which subtags appear within a tag. This feature is not available in SOLIDWORKSConnected.

The subtags you include in a tag scheme are used to interpret the tag values you define in a P&ID file. The tag scheme defines the order in which subtags appear within a tag, so that each attribute can be interpreted properly.

Tag schemes are only used in Routing assemblies created from P&ID data.

In the Tag Scheme Manager, you enter an example tag, and define each subtag within the tag.

This example tag has eight subtags that are delimited by dashes:


The tag can be interpreted from the following sequence of subtags: