Electrical Attributes PropertyManager

The Electrical Attributes PropertyManager appears when, while editing a cable route, you query the electrical attributes of the selected route segment.

To access to the PropertyManager in the flattened route, right-click a route and select Electrical Attributes.

Select Route Segment / List All Wires

Two options are available to display electrical attributes:
  • Select Route Segment
    In the graphics area, click a segment of the route to display its electrical attributes.. The PropertyManager displays the length and the diameter of the selected segment. The calculation algorithm for the diameter uses the following formula:



    sqrt=Square root

    A=Area (Sum of the cross section area of each wire - Area of a circle = PI*r²)

    F=Correction factor depending on the number of wires

    Table 1. Correction factor
    Number of wires 3 4 5 6-7 8-10 >10
    Factor (F) 1.55 1.45 1.4 1.35 1.3 1.28

    PI= The number PI (3.14...)

    When a cable is in the selected segment, the calculation considers the diameter of the cable and not the diameter of the individual cable cores.

    The Wire List displays the list of wires, or cable cores passing through the selected segment.

  • List All Wires

    The Wire List displays all the wires or cable cores.

    Show Cross Section opens a dialog box displaying the cross section of the selected segment.

Wire List

Lists the name of each wire or cable core or those that pass through the selected segment. The cut length of each wire appears in angle brackets after the wire name.

Properties and Additional Properties

Lists the property names and values for the selected item in Wire List.