Flexible Tubing Toolbar

Tool_CreateRouteByDragAndDrop_FlexibleTubing.gif Start by Drag/Drop Start a tube route by drag/drop of a fitting.
Tool_CreateRouteOnTheFly_FlexibleTubing.gif Start at Point Start a tube route by adding a connection point to a non-routing component.
Standard Tubes Inserts a standard tube into an assembly.
Tool_AddFitting_FlexibleTubing.gif Add Fitting Add a fitting to the route.
Tool_AddPoint_FlexibleTubing.gif Add Point Add a connection point to a non-routing component so you can add the component to an existing route.
Auto Route Automatically creates route geometry between components.
Tool_EditExistingFlexTubeRoute_FlexibleTubing.gif Edit Route Edit an existing tube route.
Tool_RouteProperties_Piping.gif Route Properties Display route properties for an existing tube route.
tool_define_spool_button Define Spools Define spool segments from existing tube routes.
tube_drawing_button Tube Drawing Create an isometric drawing of the tube route.