Routing Tools Toolbar

PM_routing_library_manager.gif Routing Library Manager Access the Routing Library Manager application.
Tool_CreateConnectionPoint_RoutingTools.gif Create Connection Point Create a connection point.
Tool_CreateRoutePoint_RoutingTools.gif Create Route Point Create a route point.
Tool_AutoRoute_RoutingTools.gif Auto Route Tools to automate route creation and modification.
Tool_ShowGuidelines_RoutingTools.gif Show Guidelines Display missing connections.
Tool_AddCovering_RoutingTools.gif Covering Add a covering to a route segment.
Tool_RotateClip_RoutingTools.gif Rotate Clip Rotate an existing clip.
Tool_RouteThroughClip_RoutingTools.gif Route through Clip Re-route an existing route through a clip.
Tool_UnhookFromClip_RoutingTools.gif Unhook from Clip Detach route from a clip.
Tool_ChangeRouteDiameter_RoutingTools.gif Change Route Diameter Modify route attributes such as diameter, fittings, and specifications.
Tool_RepairRoute_RoutingTools.gif Repair Route Fix bend radius errors.
Tool_SplitRoute_RoutingTools.gif Split Route Split an existing route.
Fixed Length Set fixed length to route segment.
Show Fixed Length Dimensions Show/Hide fixed length dimensions.
Highlight Fixed Diameter Route Highlights fix diameter routes in electrical routing
Routing Options Setup Displays System Options dialog box for routing.