Adding Inline Components to Routes

You can add inline components, such as shrink wraps and boots, to a route assembly and align them to the route.

To add inline components to routes:

  1. Drag an inline component from the Routing Design Library.
    The Select a Configuration dialog box or Configure Component PropertyManager appears, depending on the options selected in the Route Properties PropertyManager. The name of the inserted component appears in the Parts input box.
  2. In the Align Components PropertyManager, click in Current Selections.
  3. In the graphics area, select:
    1. A route spline.
    2. An edge, axis, or point of the component to align.
    3. Click Apply.
      The applied selections appear in the Route Alignments input box.
      You can right-click any input box and click Delete or Remove Selection to clear the selections.
      Assembly without inline components
      Assembly with inline components