Manually Creating a Route for Connectors

You can create an electrical route subassembly either manually or by importing a From-To list.

To manually create a route:

  1. In Routing Options, you must select Automatically route on drop of flanges/connectors.
  2. Insert an electrical connector into the main assembly by using any of the following methods:
    • Click Insert Component (Assembly toolbar).
    • Drag from the Design Library, the File Explorer, an open part window, or Windows File Explorer.
    • Drag from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
    The Design Library opens to the appropriate folder when you click Start by Drag/Drop .
    The Auto Route PropertyManager appears.
  3. Specify options in the Auto Route PropertyManager, then click .
    • A 3D Sketch opens in a new route subassembly.
    • The new route subassembly appears in the FeatureManager design tree.
    • A stub of cable appears, extending from the inserted connector.
    If you clear Save route assembly externally in Routing Options, the new route subassembly is created as a virtual component.
  4. Optional: Drag additional connectors and routing hardware into the route subassembly.
    As you add each connector to the route, a line is added to the sketch from the connector's CPoint and a length of cable is generated along the line.
  5. Sketch the path between components using any combination of the following methods:
    • Use Auto Route to generate splines.
    • Use Cable Clips or other routing hardware to generate splines.
    • Sketch lines , splines , and fillets using 3D sketch tools.
  6. If you want to assign electrical attributes to the route segments:
    1. Click Tools > Routing > Electrical > Edit Wires .
    2. Specify the wires and cables to use.
    3. Specify the path for each wire or cable core.
    4. Click .
  7. Exit the sketch.
The following appear in the FeatureManager design tree of the route subassembly:
  • Components folder containing the connector and clip parts you placed in the route.
  • Route Parts folder containing the cable that was created when you exited the sketch.
  • Route feature containing the 3D sketch that defines the path of the cable. The 3D sketch is related parametrically to the components in the route subassembly. If you move a component, the cable updates automatically.
Click Edit Route to edit an existing electrical route.