Naming for Wires and Cables in the FeatureManager Design Tree

You can view the marks or names of 3D wires, cables, and their cores under Route Parts in the FeatureManager® design tree for a routing assembly.

The naming convention uses the following to uniquely identify different routes:
  • Wire, cable, and cable core marks from the Electrical Attributes PropertyManager.
  • Sequential numbers as suffixes (n). Where n is proportional to the number of splits (with split route) and 1 (without split route).
  • The directions (FROM/TO) that they connect to the components.

To view the naming for wires and cables in the FeatureManager Design Tree:

For clarity, this example uses an assembly with three wires.
  1. Open an assembly that has a harness with multiple wires, for example, three.
    In the FeatureManager design tree, under Route Parts, the three wires are displayed according to the names assigned to them in the Electrical Attributes PropertyManager (Wire mark) with suffix 1.

    The naming convention is Wire mark_1 and the three wires are displayed as wire1_1, wire2_1 and wire3_1.

  2. Click Split Route (Electrical Toolbar) on a wire at three different points to create four routes on it.
    For more information on splitting route, see Splitting a Route.
    In the FeatureManager design tree, the four routes are displayed as:
    • For the two extreme ends or bodies connected to the components:
    • Wire Mark_FROM/TO_Component Mark

      For example,



    • In-between bodies not connected to the components:

      Wire Mark_n

      For example,



  3. Open the harness that has cables with cable cores.
    The naming convention is:

    Cable Mark_Cable Core Mark_1 (without split route applied).

    Cable Mark_Cable Core Mark_From/TO_Component Mark (with split route applied).

    For example,

    c1_wire1_FROM_component1, where c1 is the cable mark and wire1 is the cable core mark.

  4. Open the route assembly containing cable features representing the harness bundle.
    The naming convention is:


  5. Open an assembly with route components.
    The naming convention is:

    Stub_Component Mark_n