Model Break View PropertyManager - Styles Tab

You can use the Styles tab of the Model Break View PropertyManager to specify how model breaks are displayed. Selections on the Styles tab apply to all break steps you add on the Steps tab.

To display the Styles tab:

  1. Open the Model Break View PropertyManager, by doing one of the following:
    • Click Insert > Model Break View.
    • Click Model Break View (MBD toolbar).
    • In the ConfigurationManager , right-click a configuration and click New Model Break View.
  2. Click the Styles tab.


Straight Break Specifies a flat break style
Zig-Zag Break Specifies a zig-zag break style where the pattern extends for the length of the break.
Pipe Break Specifies a traditional pipe break style.
Single Zig-Zag Break Specifies a zig-zag break style where there is only one repetition of the pattern in the middle of the break.


Continuous Break Creates a break pattern across the model.

For example:

Continuous Break is the default method and is the only method available for straight breaks.

Individual Break Creates a break pattern across each body.

For example:


Gap Indicates the size of the gap that is visible when the model break view is shown.

For example:

This is different from Break Size, which you define on the Steps tab. Break Size is the amount of material that is removed from the model.

For example:

Shape Intensity Controls the intensity of cut patterns for styles other than straight.
Low intensity High intensity
Angle Controls the rotation angle of the cut pattern around the axis that is normal to the cutting planes.
0º Rotation angle 45º Rotation angle