Bill of Materials - Control

The Control tab in the Bill of Materials Properties dialog box specifies how row numbers are assigned, what happens when a component is deleted, and how to split long BOM tables. The other tabs available in the dialog box are Configuration and Contents.

Applies to Excel-based Bills of Materials.

The Control tab controls the following properties:

Row numbers

Row numbers follow assembly ordering Select to use the item numbers assigned by the software. Clear to assign the item numbers in Excel, and override the system-defined item numbers.
When you select this check box:
  • Any sorting other than by Item No. is not preserved in the Bill of Materials.
  • If you try to change an item number in a balloon, a message appears stating that you cannot change the item number.
Reserve row numbers for missing components Specify what happens if a component is removed from the assembly.


The rows for the removed components are deleted from the table.


Specify how the row is displayed: Display with zero quantity, Hide, or Display with strike through text.

Split tables

Split tables into multiple sections Select to allow the table to split.
Table height before splitting Specify a value for the height.
Split direction for new sections Select Left or Right from the list.

If the BOM exceeds the height you specify, the table splits and continues in another column to the Left or Right.