Component Line Font

The Component Line Font dialog box lets you change the line font style of edges on each of the components in an assembly drawing. By changing the line font from the default, you can distinguish individual components in the drawing view.


To change the font style of component edges:

  1. Right-click a component (or press Ctrl and select multiple components) in a drawing view and select Component Line Font.

    The Component Line Font dialog box appears.

  2. Choose from the following Component Display Properties and click OK.
Use document defaults When selected, other choices in the dialog box are ignored.
Line style Select a style (Solid, Dashed, and so on) from the list.
Line thickness Select a thickness from the list or select Custom Size and enter a Custom thickness value.
Click Reset All to return Line style and Line thickness to the defaults you set in Document Properties - Line Font.
Apply to Choose to apply the changes to the drawing view From selection or to All views.
Layer If the component is in a layer, the name of the layer appears in the box. You can change the layer for the component by selecting a named layer from the list. When you select a layer, the component uses the layer's settings, including color.
Selections for line style and line thickness in the Component Line Font dialog box take precedence over those set in Layers properties.