Customize Dialog Box - Mouse Gestures Tab

The Mouse Gestures tab of the Customize dialog box includes options for enabling and disabling mouse gestures, and for viewing and customizing mouse gesture assignments.

To open this tab:

Click Tools > Customize and select the Mouse Gestures tab.


Category Filters the list by category.
Search for Filters the list by a search string.
Enable mouse gestures Turns mouse gestures on or off.
Gestures Sets the number of mouse gestures to 2, 3, 4, 8, or 12.

For 2 gestures, you can select a horizontal or a vertical direction.

Print Gestures Guides Prints a visual representation of the gesture guides.
Reset to Defaults Lets you reset all mouse gesture guides to the factory defaults or reset all customizations on all tabs to the factory defaults.


Category Groups tools into categories.
Command Lists tools or macros. For macros, this column displays Custom Macro Definition that you can use to add or edit a custom macro definition.

Click a column heading to sort by that column.

You can select only tools available for a category. For example, the Make Drawing from Part tool is not available for assemblies.