Hide/Show Edges PropertyManager

Use the Hide/Show Edges PropertyManager to control edge display in drawings, including tangent edge display.

To display this PropertyManager:

Start with an open drawing. Click Hide/Show Edges (Line Format toolbar).

Tangent Edge Filters

Hide Non-Planar Edges Hides tangent edges that border non-planar faces
Before After
Hide Blend Edges Hides tangent edges that:
  • Border on planar faces which are normal to the viewing direction (except for tangent edges that border non-planar faces of full round fillets)
  • Have second order continuity (C2) at the boundary of two faces (the transition is smooth)
    Use zebra stripes to verify C2 continuity.
Before After

Hide edges shorter than

Hide edges shorter than Hides tangent edges that are less than a specified length
Before After
Update Highlights the edges that meet the length criteria
Dynamic selection Lets you select edges to hide in the graphics area